Case studies and workshops

SUPSI: interdisciplinary models in Central Services

SUPSI International Office case study
How does the international network operate within SUPSI? How are the mobility dossiers managed, and not only those that require diverse knowledge, skills and activities?

Student life service CEO case study
From the initial guidance of the student to the degree: the student's cycle includes different stages and requirements for orientation, planning and support of both study and career. All this is offered by a single integrated service.

Workshop - Thursday 4th October

Support for internationality
Whether for mobility of students, teachers, staff, delegation visits or preparation of university agreements, all aspects related to these activities are increasingly managed by a pool of different staff with specific skills. Inbound as well as outbound mobility also have different rules and needs, so there are many different participants involved depending on the case in question. These are not solely within the University but increasingly there is a need to interface with public administration, foundations and private companies.
Through various examples, the International Office will present some actual situations and the network activated in order to successfully achieve this goal and get through the bureaucracy.

Multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary workshops - Friday 5th October

Internationalisation of the curriculum - Department for Environment Constructions and Design (DACD)

SUPSI has seven values and they inspire SUPSI operations. DACD is focusing particularly on two of them: internationality and multidisciplinarity. We will present one of our multidisciplinarity projects and discuss how to make curricula more international and interdisciplinary.