Other mobilities
Other mobility outside the SEMP program is managed directly within the department in accordance with the SUPSI regulations and directives and those of the respective department

The collaborations paid by SUPSI are managed by the Human Resources Service; "visiting" collaborations, which are paid by the university of origin or through grants, are managed by the International Office team.

"Visiting" mobility must be governed by agreements between the university of origin and SUPSI.
In addition, the period of mobility at SUPSI for training/research is conditional upon obtaining permission to be able to carry out an activity in Ticino as well as being in possession of a health cover recognised by the Canton of Ticino and an insurance of professional civil liability equivalent to that of SUPSI employees.

The feasibility and content of such mobility is defined by the person within the department with whom the guest from the foreign university has contacted. All the information for the preparation of the agreement and for the procedure for requesting activities in Ticino at the relative administrative offices shall be provided to the mobility Coordinator. The international Office supports these activities, but in no case is SUPSI responsible for obtaining permits. It is also the responsibility of the guest to prepare the dossier and the documents for the permit request.

The departmental mobility coordinator and the International Office are available for information and support and will gladly collect feedback from the experience so that we can share it within our institution.