SUPSI academic body and staff
In accordance with the directives and regulations provided by SUPSI, from the departments and undergraduate courses, there are several possibilities for a period of didactic activities (teaching) or training outside of SUPSI.

All mobility must be agreed and planned with one's direct superior and following any SUPSI/departmental directives; depending on the activities that will be carried out, the duration of the mobility and the host partner, in some cases the content with one's manager and the administrative aspects with Human Resources should also be defined.

SUPSI participates in the European Mobility Program SWISS-European Mobility Program (SEMP), a program that allows a stay at a partner university for a period of both teaching and training. You can also participate in workshops in order to broaden your professional skills.

For this programme, the International Office and the mobility coordinators of the individual departments/undergraduate courses deal with the administrative support in order to obtain a grants that may in part cover the costs of such mobility.

Other mobility periods provided for by bilateral agreements between the degree course/unit/department and the host university away from the European stage (or with which SUPSI does not have an agreement within SEMP), participation in international workshops or sabbatical periods are managed directly within the department and according to SUPSI regulations and directives.

The departmental mobility coordinator and the International Office are available for information and support and will gladly collect feedback from the experience so that we can share it within our institution.
Also, to be informed before departure allows you to be able to plan for dissemination activities and especially to be able to pursue the mobility period in real time.