European mobility - SEMP program
Since 2014, mobility among collaborators (academic body, staff, researchers) of Swiss universities and the European universities recognised as "programme country" within the Erasmus+ programme and the Erasmus+ charter for educational activities, training and participation in workshops and international week, are carried out under the umbrella of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP).

Overview of the SEMP programme

As a result of the suspension of negotiations with the EU for accession to the Erasmus + programme, the Federal Council adopted a transitional solution to continue to enable students, teachers and institutional administrative staff to implement mobility projects in Europe.

Thanks to the "Swiss-European Mobility Programme" (SEMP), it is therefore possible to have mobility to and from Switzerland with the universities of the Erasmus + participating countries in possession of an Erasmus + university charter.
The costs of both outgoing mobility and the costs of foreign participants to Swiss mobility projects (incoming) are possible through the provision of funds by the Confederation. However, the assumption of these costs is subject to the guidelines of the Swiss National Agency and the number of annually available grants.

Every year each Swiss university participating in the programme has to apply for a number of grants to support mobility that will be carried out in the following academic year.

The SEMP program allows all employees with an employment contract to be able to carry out a mobility period for the purpose of teaching or training (participation in workshops, jobshadowing) from 2 days to a maximum of 2 months.

Call for proposals 2022-2023

From the beginning of December, it is possible to register online for an SEMP mobility grant for teaching or training activities planned for the period 1.6.2022-30.9.2023. Departmental coordinators will be available to inform all interested parties about the new practice of electronic application.
Deadline for registration: Friday 21 January 2022.