Welcome Center
This information is aimed at the visitor to SUPSI. For any member of staff or the student body, the purpose of the following information is not so much to meet the specific needs of each person, but to welcome those who stay at SUPSI and to make our guest feel "at home", offering advice, directions and helpful hints from the very moment they decide to come to Ticino.

It's well known that travel opens the mind. Comparison with other cultures, traditions and ways of life, gives one a new outlook that helps to people get to know each other better, to infinitely enrich and grow, a precious opportunity also for those who host.

On the other hand, it’s no coincidence if, in the Italian language, the word "host" is used with a twofold significance, for both host and guest.

More information is available on the following topics:

  • relocating
  • SUPSI Services
  • accommodation
  • insurance
  • Study/work family reconciliation
  • Swiss school system

In the section Living in Ticino you will find extensive information about ways and customs in Ticino.

If you have any questions about your employment contract or your terms or work permit, contact your Human Resources staff.