Balancing family and study/work commitments at SUPSI
Balancing family and study/work commitments at SUPSI
SUPSI conducts a range of activities and initiatives in order to help staff and students balance their family and study/work responsibilities. There are a number of organisational solutions for those who need to offset their study obligations with other commitments, such as family, professional, military, or with sporting or artistic activities, allowing the duration of studies to be extended.

The various degree courses have a range of study flexibility options, related to the specific teaching and organisational requirements of each programme, and subject to specific admission conditions. In general, however, SUPSI is sensitive to the requests of people with extra-curricular commitments, compatibly with the requirements of the specific study programmes.

The Gender and Diversity service provides staff and students with support in terms of these issues, and also provides useful information regarding current regulations and family welfare promotion measures.

SUPSInido, the SUPSI day nursery, welcomes the children of staff and students from the age of 4 months to 3 years, and in addition, during the summer holidays, it conducts a range of extra-curricular activities organised for children aged between 4 and 14, also in collaboration with other initiatives available in the local area.  

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