Anyone moving to Switzerland from abroad needs to bring their personal belongings across the border. With a few preparations, your move should run smoothly. You need to complete all formalities for your stay in Switzerland before entering the country.

If you are going to move to Switzerland for an extended period, you may plan to bring furniture, utensils, books, clothes etc. You will need to meet certain conditions in order to bring your household goods into Switzerland without having to pay import duties:

  • You have to transfer your place of residence to Switzerland
  • The imported items must have been used by you for at least six months, and you must continue to use them after they are imported


For the import fill in the form «Application / Customs Registration for relocation goods» (in two copies). Besides this form the customs office will also require the following documents:

  1. A list of the goods that are to be imported
  2. The Swiss residence papers (except members of the EU-25-/EFTA countries  who are relocating)
  3. The official permit of the foreign country for means of transport
  4. Documents proving that a house or flat has been purchased or rented

The customs office may request other documents as well. You can get the form and further information from the Swiss Federal Customs Administration.