Education system in Ticino
Education system in Ticino
Each Swiss Canton has its own, unique school system, divided into compulsory education and the other levels. Compulsory schooling includes nursery school, elementary school and middle school.

After completing middle school, pupils can choose either to attend either an upper-secondary school or a secondary vocational school. On completion of these programmes, but following different procedures, pupils can go on to university: University or Federal Polytechnic, University of Applied Arts and Sciences, or Teacher Training College (in Ticino, this is the SUPSI Department of Teaching and Learning).

Pupils with learning disorders or disabilities are provided with solutions appropriate to their requirements. These solutions can include the provision of individual support teachers, and also special classes incorporated into schools.

All the necessary information about educational pathways in Ticino can be found on the website of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS), and searching by municipality, district and school typology:


Extracurricular services

Extracurricular services (canteens, after school and social activities, transport, etc.) are organised by each school in accordance with its specific needs and requirements.
In order to obtain further details about the services offered, it is therefore necessary to:

  • ask each school
  • consult the website of the town in which you reside
  • consult the "Infofamiglie" pamphlet on the website