Carrying out a period of study or a practical module outside of your university is definitely a very enriching experience from both a formative and personal point of view.
However, these activities include several administrative aspects: how to go about it, what to take into account when you leave your country and go for a period in another country.

In this section you can find an overview of the mobility activities as well as the main information to give the student an aid on the practical and bureaucratic issues for the period of mobility outside SUPSI or for the period of mobility as an international student within our university.

For the content aspects (courses to take, recognition, credits, etc.), the mobility coordinators and/or the SUPSI degree course coordinator is available for advice. For foreign students, it is very important to maintain an active contact with the international bureau of their university in order to follow all the procedures required by the university of origin.

The following information is intended only as a general guide. The International Office and the SUPSI mobility coordinators are available to answer questions and to convey specific requests to the relevant offices.

Before making contact, please read your relative mobility section.

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