Other mobilities
Other mobilities
Within the departments there are various curricular activities outside the regional borders. These are workshops, study trips and internships abroad.
In addition, the Student life service and the SUPSIalumni Association offer information on professional activities abroad.

Curricular Activities

The Department of Environment, Construction and Design (DACD) provides within the various degree courses both workshops abroad as well as short study trips throughout Europe.

The degree course in Conservation and Restoration (Bachelor and Master) offers, thanks to preferred contacts, the possibility for students and graduates to carry out curricular internships abroad.

The Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care (DEASS) provides some study trips within the Master of Economics.

Since 2008 the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI) organises within the Master of Science in Engineering a three-week module in China: students of SUPSI and other selected Swiss universities participate in the program.

Extra Curricular Activities

Working abroad is a fundamental experience on several points. It allows one to discover working worlds different from that to which you are accustomed, to get to know a country from within, and enrich both your professional and human experience.
The SUPSI Career Experience and Orientation service (CEO) offers a platform of information for experiences abroad.

In addition the SUPSIAlumni Association, with the dedicated group Alumni International, is available for advice and suggestions to travel within a national and international context.