European mobility - SEMP program
European mobility - SEMP program
Since 2014 student mobility registered with Swiss universities and European universities recognised as a "Programme country" within the Erasmus+ programme with the Erasmus+ charter is held under the umbrella of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP).

Following the suspension of negotiations with the EU for membership to the Erasmus+ programme, the Federal Council adopted a transitional solution to continue to allow students, teachers and administrative staff of the institutions to implement Mobility projects in Europe.

Thanks to the "Swiss-European Mobility Programme" (SEMP) it is therefore possible to have mobility to and from Switzerland with the universities of the Erasmus+ participating countries in possession of an Erasmus+ university charter.
With the funds made available by the Confederation are currently financed both the costs of outgoing mobility and the costs of foreign participants to Swiss mobility projects (incoming). However, the assumption of these costs is subject to the guidelines of the Swiss National Agency and the number of annually available grants.

Every year each participating Swiss university in the programme has to apply for a number of scholarships to support the mobility that will be carried out in the following academic year. The International Office, in collaboration with the departmental coordinators, evaluates the requests made with the mobility call notice in December as well the historic ones from previous years. The allocation of the scholarships by the National agency Movetia is made mainly on the actual allocation in previous years (the number of students who have actually been in mobility).

The SEMP program allows you to perform a maximum of 12 months of mobility for study and/or internships per study cycle, including post-graduate internships up to one year after graduation. Mobility carried out in the same study cycle of a different degree course are counted in these 12 months. This means that potentially a student may receive support for their mobility for up to 12 months.

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For Swiss students or students living in Switzerland

Itineris – Online registration for travels abroad

You and your family members have the possibility to enter the dates of your holiday and business trips abroad (short stays) on this portal. This information will help the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs locate and contact you more rapidly if a serious crisis occurs abroad. You will receive a warning if the security situation in a region suddenly deteriorates drastically.

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RaiPlay - Erasmus Plus Stories

A short series based on the Erasmus+ programme, a student mobility project of the European Union, also supported by the “Swiss European Mobility Programme”, where the real stories of young people with a study or work experience abroad are alternated with the fictional story of Susy and Markus, two students of different countries who fall in love during their mobility period. At the end of their study semester they have to split up for an internship abroad. Their love will be put to the test by distance... What will Susy and Markus decide to do?

If you are curious to discover more on their love story, go to the RaiPlay site.