In order to obtain a mobility grant, in addition to complying with different criteria, the student must provide complete documentation before, during and after mobility times.


  • Learning Agreement for study
    This is the document that defines the courses that the student will follow at the partner university. A first draft is sent with the application dossier and it is required to be signed on arrival in SUPSI. Within one month from the beginning of the courses, it must have been drafted and signed by all the parties involved (student and partner).
  • Learning Agreement for traineeship
    This is the document in which the study or internship content is defined. It must be signed by SUPSI, the student and the partner university or institution.
    For curricular traineeship, these contents are defined by the degree course: the coordinator is responsible for drafting the document and collecting the signatures. The document must be completed before departure.
  • Grant agreement
    This is a financial agreement between SUPSI and the student about the scholarship provided by the agency Movetia. By signing this document, students undertake to comply with the entire procedure and to deliver the relevant documentation related to the SEMP programme.
  • Certificate of Arrival
    This document certifies arrival at the partner institution.
  • Certificate of Attendance
    This document certifies the mobility at the partner institution.
  • Final report
    This is the report filled in by the student at the end of the mobility program.
  • Testimonial of the mobility experience