Certification and return

The student usually sits exams to certify the courses followed at the host university. The partner university generally sends the results reported on the Transcript of Records to SUPSI International Office or directly to the student, these are also likely available for consultation by all mobility students on the partner university portal. The International service sends the original document to the departmental secretariat that registers the relevant credits as agreed in the Learning Agreement signed by the parties and informs the departmental coordinator. If it is the student who receives the Transcript of records directly, it must be delivered to the secretariat and communicated to the departmental coordinator who will inform the International Office.

Upon return, a meeting will be organized for the delivery of documents and to share with the other students who went on mobility that semester their experience.

Final documentation

The following documents are to be handed over to your mobility contact person when you return to SUPSI:

Certificate of attendance
It is the document that attests the mobility at the partner. It must be signed and stamped by the International Office of the partner university at the end of the mobility.

Final report

This is the student's final report on mobility.

In addition, the student, at the end of the mobility, will have to give a testimony of the experience.