Dossier evaluation
The request to be able to carry out a period of mobility must be accepted by the relative degree course. If so, the International Office is activated immediately to contact the selected partner to which the student will send their application dossier.

Evaluation of the dossier by SUPSI

Once all these aspects have been defined, if the degree course gives its assent, the departmental coordinator shall deliver the forms to the International Office which will be responsible for contacting the university identified. The students selected by SUPSI are then nominated: the partner university will contact the students with all the information regarding the documents required for the application.
In fact, all students must be assessed by the partner, who will, at the end of the procedure, communicate whether the student has been accepted.

Students are responsible for following the procedure established by the chosen institution and are required to comply with the deadlines for submitting applications.

Application of the student at the partner university

It is better to start working and preparing the documents already before receiving the information with the details (documents to prepare, timing, etc) of application from the destination university. The term of submission varies from university to university; for this reason, since the documentation requires the signing of several people, it is good to be already prepared.

Each university has its own procedure, however generally:

  • The application is made online, so it is likely that all documentation should be uploaded to a portal
  • Universities require CV, motivation letter, ratings and, for DACD courses, also a portfolio
  • The Learning Agreement, a document that is prepared with the departmental representative in the courses that the student will follow, may be requested at this stage or later. It is better to have prepared it at this stage.

It is also important to inform your mobility coordinator as soon as you receive your application information. The coordinator is also the person who, in case of necessity, will help you in the preparation of the dossier as well as for the preparation of the learning agreement.
Once the dossier is submitted to the partner there is a wait of about one month from its delivery.

The communication of acceptance/refusal is generally sent directly to the student: it is therefore very important to communicate it immediately to the mobility coordinator.  Sometimes it happens that the communication arrives at the International Office or that it takes a little more time; in these cases the office keeps the contact and the student constantly updated.