Preparation of the dossier
Gathering information by participating in the informative meeting and then furthering this with personal research and participating in the open competition are the first steps for your mobility project.

Gathering information

In order to be able to apply, the student should first take part in the informative meeting organised by the department/degree course. During this time it will be possible to receive the initial information regarding this type of mobility and to listen, wherever possible, to the direct testimonies of fellow students who have moved for a period outside Ticino. It is important to take this opportunity to start thinking about your mobility project and maybe you can already start asking the first questions.
The student is responsible for the construction of his project: starting to inquire about the partners of SUPSI, understanding the courses offered and the different possibilities are the basic elements and then participation in the open competition in January and September.

Participation in the mobility call

The opening  and the terms of deposit of the competition notice are communicated both by the secretariats and on the International Office website: once delivered to its departmental coordinator, a meeting will be set up to discuss the choices and to understand whether the requirements set by each department are respected and whether the application can continue.