Nomination acceptance
With the confirmation from the partner, the student can begin to arrange all practical issues such as accommodation, necessary permits and other formalities.
For the purpose of mobility approval, it is important to pay maximum attention to the learning agreement.

Response and definition of the details for the mobility

With the confirmation of acceptance by the partner university, information about any language courses and about accommodation will arrive; it is suggested to arrange this in time in order to take full advantage of the proposals of the host university.
In addition, you should check your insurance situation and give your insurance cover statement at the International Office meeting. For more information, please see the insurance page.

As soon as you define the departure and return dates, as well as the six-month period, this must be communicated to the contact person, in order to complete the documents and be able to arrange a meeting with the International Office before departure.
Some degree courses have constraints on training gaps; also in this case, keep the mobility contact updated if it is necessary to take exams before leaving.

The Learning agreement – the Student's pass

Often in the application phase a Learning Agreement with the courses that you wish to attend is drafted, in accordance with the departmental coordinator and the degree course. However, it is understood that, even if the Learning Agreement is accepted, it may not be signed by the partner until arrival at the host university and/or, if signed, it is subject to modification for various reasons.
The most important aspects to keep in mind are:

  • Any change proposed by the partner university must be submitted and accepted by the SUPSI departmental coordinator, who is directly related to your degree course
  • Within one month of the beginning of the courses you must have the definitive document signed by everyone

In this way, you will have the confirmation of the courses that will be recognised if you pass the certification.

Regarding the recognition of the number of ECTS, the conversion of notes, etc, you must check with the departmental coordinator before your departure.