Swiss mobility
Swiss mobility
To be able to see the workings of another Swiss university, the possibility to learn new things and take advantage of the richness and cultural and linguistic diversity of our country are the trump-cards of a period of mobility outside the canton in which one pursues a university education.

Students who are regularly enrolled in another university or SUP can generally carry out one or two consecutive semesters of study at SUPSI, consistent with their curriculum. The student remains registered with his/her university of origin and will continue to pay the tuition fees there.

They must have been selected by their own university which then sends an official nomination to the SUPSI International Office.

  • For the fall semester or the full academic year, the online application opens on 1st April and this year, exceptionaly, ends on 30th May.
  • For the spring semester, the online application opens on 1st October and ends on 31st October.

With some degree courses it is possible, if provided for in the study plan, to be able to carry out a practical module at a SUPSI partner institutions. In this case, it is important that the coordinator of the university of origin promptly contacts the department coordinator where the mobility is to be carried out.


Once the university of origin has sent an official nomination, the nominated students will receive an online application link from the International Office.
In addition to the application, the following documents must be received by the International Office within the dates set out in the electronic form:

  • CV (see model)
  • Letter of Motivation duly dated and signed
  • Copy of module certificates
  • Portfolio (for DACD only)
  • Proposal for learning agreement
  • Copy of the application form (it is possible to save the copy after completing the online application)
  • Copy of identity document
  • Copy of Swiss Health insurance card

Non-native Italian speaking students are required to demonstrate their level of knowledge of the Italian language by sending the result of the Testpodium language test to within the prescribed deadline for the application.

Once the online application is completed, the student receives a confirmation email. After receiving and evaluating the application, within four weeks of the end of the deadline, the International Office sends the outcome of the application directly to the student in a copy to the partner institution where the student is registered.

Application Acceptance

Students who have been accepted will receive information from the International Office regarding bureaucratic, insurance and housing issues.

Learning agreement
Very often the first draft of the Learning Agreement, the document in which the courses that the student will follow during the period at SUPSI are indicated, is subject to change.

The definition of the document is between the SUPSI departmental coordinator, the coordinator of the university of origin and the student.

Before arrival in SUPSI, the student must have a copy signed by all the parties involved (SUPSI, university of origin and student).

If any other changes are necessary, it is essential that they are noted within one month of arrival and that the new document is signed again by all parties.