Benefits of an experience abroad

Leaving for a mobility period is a unique and enriching experience that everyone sooner or later should experience.
To lend support to this are the SUPSI youngsters or those coming from partner universities who, upon return from their mobility period, send us the testimony documentation. They always say that leaving for a stay is a unique adventure: it allows the discovery and learning of new things, such as local culture, language, school and teaching, different working methods, to become autonomous and meet new people from all over the world.

The overseas experience enriches those who choose to do it, but it is a personal challenge having different goals, depending on the experience itself. Those who choose a mobility placement often and willingly do so for curiosity and a desire to discover, important objectives that then have different facets depending on the individual. There are those who want to fend for themselves, who become independent and autonomous, those who want to question and those who, for example, are already sure on all of these aspects and want to prove themselves.

Social skills play a key role during mobility placements, a fact that is often taken for granted all the while you remain locally to where you grew up but one that is put to the test in a mobility placement environment.
The contact you create with local or foreign people in the country you find yourself is fundamental. Encounters that allow you to connect with contacts and create friendships or collaborations in the future, creating a network that will last through the years. The bonds that are created in these mobility placements, sharing a common experience, are very intense and often and willingly continue even after the course. People also benefit from their ability to relate to and communicate with people, very important qualities that facilitate the spirit of initiative.

A very important aspect, which is often emphasised, is that of the local culture. When you arrive at your destination, you are immediately absorbed by the new culture, and depending on the location where the mobility is carried out can be more or less crucial.
It can be difficult, unless you lock yourself away indoors, not getting involved in that which surrounds us, which opens our minds. An experience that promotes the absorption of information, news and diversity that will inevitably be compared with the information previously stored whatever one's background. This cultural exchange, often and willingly results in a winning mix in many respects: it helps to enhance one's own customs and practices, ideas, traditions, languages, reinforcing and enriching even one's own personality.

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