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Recharge par geocooling d'un champ de sondes géothermiques pour le chauffage d'un immeuble d'habitat


Abstract The project aims at demonstrating the technical feasibility and the energy potential of a boreholes heat exchangers field installed in a residential building with 46 apartments in Lugano. The power plant supplies winter heating demand by using heat pumps, and cooling demand during the summer period by using the geocooling system. To achieve this goal, a certain number of sensors has been installed in the technical room in order to monitor temperature, and thermal and electrical energy flows. In addition, a temperature and humidity sensor has been installed in one of the apartments of the building. Particular attention is also paid to the concept of control and management of the thermal power plant and the electrical consumption of the circulations pumps for geocooling mode. Freecooling by geocooling offers an interesting alternative to standard solutions. This technology allows obtaining significantly higher efficiency compared to the air conditioning and reversible heat pumps. This information will allow the essential aspects of knowledge to plan and size future installations and quantify the importance of a thermal charging using geocooling in the south-Alps.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Istituto sostenibilità applicata all'ambiente costruito

Persone coinvolte Nerio Cereghetti, Giovanni Branca, Nicolas Ostinelli

Responsabili Marco Belliardi

Data di inizio progetto 27 marzo 2015

Data di chiusura progetto 30 giugno 2019