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Webinar: BIPV Status Report 2020
28 January 2021
Online event, 01:00 PM Brussels
An online meeting to present the BIPV Status Report 2020 - the practical handbook for solar buildings' stakeholders - recently published by SUPSI's Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment and the Becquerel Institute.

The BIPV Status Report 2020, developed by SUPSI and Becquerel Institute, aims to provide a practical handbook to all stakeholders of the BIPV development
process, providing insights on the topic from the different perspectives specific to each actor.
This webinar will present the report and let you know more about BIPV or simply discover it!

  • Lesson learned in 40 years of BIPV evolution
  • Market and value-chain: risks & opportunities
  • Cost evaluation of BIPV: cost breakdown & extra cost
  • Which perspective for BIPV?

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Paolo Corti, SUPSI,

Philippe Macé, Becquerel Institute,

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