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Interreg Alpine Space ATLAS ¦ 4th project meeting successfully held online
06 May 2020
On May 4 and 5, 2020 the Interreg Alpine Space ATLAS project partners and observers met online for the fourth project meeting, organised by SUPSI and Eurac. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, the meeting, scheduled to take place in Lugano-Canobbio, was held online.

The meeting was introduced by Dr. Roman Rudel and Prof. Stefano Zerbi from SUPSI and was followed by all project partners and by external observers such as representatives of the Department of territory of Cantone Ticino and architects Stefano De Angelis and Maria Mazza (from DeltaZERO SA) who contributed with one of the best practice case studies - the Doragno Castle - for the HIBEratlas web platform. The case study collection platform is still under development.
During the meeting experts spoke about all the work packages, about what has been done in the last few months and what the next steps will be. Soon the first deliverables will be published on the ATLAS website. Our researcher, Cristina Polo presented the results of the activities of the WP 3.2 "Assessment and quantification of renewable energies in the Alpine Space" of which SUPSI is responsible. Meeting participants also had the chance to virtually discover the beautiful Valle Bavona and its Foundation which focuses on the management and enhancement of this unique valley in the whole Alpine arc.

A public event - a workshop for public institutions, municipalities and local stakeholders - following the meeting, scheduled for the 6th of May, has been postponed to the 17th of June 2020. For more information have a look here.

The next project meeting will be in France, at the CEREMA headquarters and the last one and a final conference will be in Bolzano and Mantua in Italy in correspondence with SBE Conferences next year in spring.

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