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The EVA project at ETIP SNET
20 April 2021
SUPSI, Department of Environment, Construction and Design, Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment
The EVA research project, concerning the optimisation of regional infrastructures for the transition towards connected and autonomous electric vehicles, will be presented at the 11th workshop of the European Technology & Innovation Platform (ETIP SNET) whose mission is to drive research and innovation activities to support Europe's energy transition.

The ETIP SNET (European Technology & Innovation Platform) regional workshop will be held online on 21 April 2021 and will present EU-funded national and regional research and innovation projects of significant added value that address energy system integration issues along 4 main thematic categories:

1)    Electromobility integration in the energy systems
2)    Cooperation between energy system operators
3)    Digitalisation: Managing energy data and Cyber security
4)    Consumer involvement, citizen engagement and energy communities

Within the category "Integration of electromobility into energy systems", Albedo Bettini - SUPSI ISAAC researcher, will present the EVA research project that aims at finding innovative solutions to coordinate the territorial infrastructures required for emerging technologies in road mobility: electric vehicles (EVs) and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).
In a regional european context, that aims to a decentralizes based renewable energy system, the EVA project explores and assess the future developpment of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

Contact for information on the EVA project:

Albedo Bettini, researcher,, +41 58 666 63 12


Project partners:

Swiss partners

  • AMS

Italian partners

  • EURAC Research

French partners

  • Mines Paris tech

Austrian partners

  • AICO Software