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Closing conference of the Interreg IT-CH project BIPV Meets History
25 July 2022
On 13 July 2022, was held the closing conference of the Interreg IT-CH project BIPV Meets History on photovoltaics integrated in architecture as an opportunity for energy refurbishment of the historical built heritage: “Photovoltaics and cultural heritage: is integration possible?” at the Palazzo Lombardia, Auditorium Testori in Milan (Italy).


The event, promoted by the Lombardy Region in cooperation with the Italian lead partner EURAC Research and the Swiss lead partner SUPSI, was the opportunity to present the results of the project, including the guiding criteria and intervention methods for the design and installation of integrated photovoltaic systems on architectural heritage, in historical centres and/or in landscape protection contexts.

Architect Cristina S. Polo López as project manager and architect Pierluigi Bonomo, head of the Involucro Innovativo team at SUPSI’s Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment, attended the event alongside TicinoEnergia representative Marina Rezzonico and some of the project’s industrial partners, such as Balerna-based Sunage SA

During the event, a round table was held on the topic of design and landscape quality at a time when the energy issue is a major challenge. The round table was attended by representatives of the superintendencies, of the CNR, of the Lombardy Region, representatives of the Order of Architects and Engineers of the Province of Como (CROIL), the President of the College of Geometers of Monza Brianza, the President of the Order of Architects of the Province of Mantova, and representatives of BIPV companies operating in the Lombardy region.

Given the large number of participation requests, the event was also streamed live on the Lombardy Region’s Mediaportal.

Furthermore, during the event, SUPSI researchers invited participants to register for the solarchitectour that will be organised on 27 September 2022 as a parallel event to the World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion WCPEC-8 2022, which will be held from 26 to 30 September 2022 in Milan, Italy.

Solarchitectour, organised by SUPSI, together with ETA-Florence Renewable Energies and ENEA, is a unique event that aims to inspire architects and raise awareness by fostering the exchange of knowledge between the BIPV industry, researchers and building process professionals. An extraordinary opportunity to promote the transition from BIPV to solar architecture and extend value creation to policy makers, financial stakeholders and civil society.