Education and professional retraining are essential conditions for new ideas to be developed in the energy field, and for society to gradually transition toward the use of more sustainable energy systems.

As regards the built environment, this transition requires the adoption of new technologies at the service of renewable energies and energy efficiency, and represents an opportunity for investment, technological advances, territorial redevelopment, and renewed competitiveness together with new employment openings.
The Institute for applied sustainability to the built environment aims to meet two sets of requirements - the innovation needs of the construction sector and the new requirements in the educational field - by conducting courses related to:

  • developing new professional skills  
  • retraining for existing jobs, focussing on practices that are more sustainable  

The Institute operates in the continuing education field, and offers short-duration Advanced Studies courses in areas associated with the environment, construction, energy and territory.
In addition to continuing education courses, the Institute promotes awareness-raising activities with schools in order to disseminate changes to individual behaviour as regards the energy problem, and to promote the growth of a new culture.