Awareness-raising and education

The Institute for applied sustainability to the built environment promotes educational, informative and awareness-raising activities aimed at schools, in order to disseminate changes to individual behaviour as regards the energy problem, and to promote the growth of a new culture.

There are two main projects in this area:

Project Teach: by means of the didactic Teach project, the Institute addresses schools of all levels, teachers and those involved in the sector. The project offers educational, informative and awareness-raising activities, the implementation of didactic packs, support to teachers and students, together with the preparation of didactic materials related to sustainability and the rational use of energy.

E-detective – The case of the missing energy: a didactic project aimed at classes in the fourth year of lower secondary school. A detective investigation inside the school, to find out “who is stealing energy”!
"Investing in education today means preparing future generations for the transition toward a more sustainable development process."