Project Teach

Teach is a didactic project aimed at lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools and vocational schools (focussing particularly on this latter category) in Canton Ticino, and provides teachers and students with support, activities and materials related to sustainability and the rational use of energy.

The service is supported by the Federal Energy Office and by the Conference of Cantonal Energy Directors, and is delivered by the Institute for applied sustainability to the built environment. 

The project is dived into 5 macro-activities:

Task 1 - Education, information, awareness-raising and support
Task 2 - Photovoltaic systems at school
Task 3 - Didactic pack: photovoltaics
Task 4 - Didactic pack: energy manager
Task 5 - Energy audit of the school building

Examples of activities conducted

Image Examples of activities conducted

Project Teach provides technical support for completing the assignments required for the high school leaving certificate in physics (LAM) that are related to the topics tackled by ISAAC, and support in terms of meeting the requirements of the national Science and Young People Competition. In 2017, 107 young people presented a total number of 86  projects. Some of these studies stood out particularly in terms of originality. ISAAC supervised two diploma studies, and followed them through to the national competition, where they were judged respectively “Good” and “Very Good”. One of these studies was the subject of an interview conducted by Doris Leuthard, and covered in the RSI News Programme.

Press Release Science and Young People 2017 Competition (italian)

Summary of the Science and Young People 2017 Competition projects (see pages  72 and 82)

Poster-Construction of a customisable, pneumatic ergonomic seat back (italian)

Poster-Construction of a wind turbine using recycled material (italian)


Feasibility study for installing PV panels on a school: full didactic itinerary. Theory, practical topic-based worksheets that can also be used in a stand-alone manner (without having to complete the entire itinerary), technical details and instructions for pre-sizing. Conducted in a third year lower secondary school class, in collaboration with a HarmoS work group and with technical support from ISAAC. The whole itinerary was also accompanied by a Podcast made by the pupils.


Image Curiosity

A brilliant diploma project supervised by our Institute, based on the construction and programming of a robot that makes it possible to follow the movement of the sun in order to achieve optimum solar panel positioning. It was awarded the prize for the best physics diploma project, promoted by ETH Zurich on the occasion of its 150th anniversary (2005).