Energy and territory

The aim of the energy and territory sector is to support and monitor the energy policy at various levels, while also fostering its implementation, promoting energy efficiency and renewable energies in the public and private sectors. It conducts research projects and provides the territory with its services, which involve the utilisation of territorial IT systems applied to the energy context.

The broad-ranging educational backgrounds of its associates, together with the significant synergies developed internally, allow the Institute to pursue the following key objectives:
•    identify potential environmental improvement measures
•    foster a rational and efficient use of energy
•    promote renewable energies
•    develop various instruments (indicators and maps for geographical representation purposes, C02 emission calculators, energy accounting…) at various territorial levels.

The sector also works closely with institutions, universities, research centres, professional associations, trade unions and the media, benefiting from high-level professional expertise and a consolidated contacts network.

Research work focuses on:
•    Energy planning
•    Energy analysis 
•    Potential renewable energies and energy efficiency
•    Heat distribution networks
•    CO2 emission calculators
•    Life Cycle Assessment


Highlighted projects