Smart path of the city of Mendrisio

The city of Mendrisio has been working for several years on issues related to the sustainability and the energy efficiency of its territory, an effort that distinguishes this Municipality as one of the most innovative in Ticino about this topic. The virtuous path has begun in year 2011, when the City chose to obtain a Municipal Energy Plan (PECo) and become a "City of Energy", which will probably be accomplished in year 2019 with the "Gold" award. Thanks to this last goal, a new possibility of financing is opened by the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) for a project that broadens this discourse and updates it, taking up today's digitalization challenge. With the project called Smart Path Mendrisio, the Municipality of Mendrisio intend to develop the Smart City concept in its territory, which transversally deals with the issues of sustainability and participation, integrating the opportunities of digitalization and information technology and communication (ICT) in the city's socio-technical system.