Hydroelectric potential of aqueducts

The prospect of generating hydroelectric energy from water already collected for water supply purposes (aqueducts) is interesting, particularly in alpine and pre-alpine environments, since the same resource can be used for two purposes, without making any further impact on the ecological balance of the territory. This project aims to identify the potential for hydroelectric plants in Canton Ticino aqueducts, in order to facilitate the subsequent construction of these plants.  

Analysis is conducted on the basis of data provided by the PCAI (Cantonal water supply plan - Piano cantonale d’approvvigionamento idrico) and by the Municipal PGA (General Aqueduct Plan - Piano Generale dell’Acquedotto). This data will be utilised in order to highlight the areas that already possess conditions (drop, capacity, planned redevelopment work, etc.) that could be interesting in terms of hydroelectric plant installation.