Mapping of areas suitable for teleheating

Although a number of new teleheating networks have been installed in Canton Ticino over the last few years, there is still substantial potential not yet exploited. In order to promote the advance of this technology, this research project aims to create a tool that can be used to identify the areas that are most suited for teleheating network development.

Another significant factor blocking the creation of a teleheating network consists of the difficulties involved in predicting the actual number of users that can be grid-connected, particularly during the early phases of the study. Private users often struggle to state if they will be willing to be grid-connected in the future. It is therefore often problematic to conduct energy and financial benefit analyses. Each result effectively depends heavily on the total heating requirements.

Public-owned buildings represent a substantial real estate portfolio for Canton Ticino. Starting from the assumption that public authorities should lead by good example in terms of environmental and energy sustainability, it goes without saying that these buildings are particularly interesting in terms of teleheating network connection. This is why the study aims to identify both the thermal requirements of public buildings, and the locations of these buildings.