Building management

The Building Management team, part of the building system sector, focuses on all the aspects associated with the proper maintenance and correct management of real estate assets, including sustainability principles and energy efficiency / operational aspects.

The Building Management team – created in 2005 as part of Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment - focuses on seeing to energy efficiency and functional aspects, in adherence to  sustainability principles, in order to preserve and improve the value of real estate assets.
Real estate assets tend to age inexorably; the natural deterioration of materials is coupled with increasingly more restrictive building regulations that make existing buildings obsolete. Since the management and maintenance costs incurred during the life of a building are distinctly higher than the construction costs, it is essential to plan and optimise real estate investment management procedures over time.
Our work includes providing support, from the design phase to the building system optimisation process. We offer innovative and highly-specialised assistance during project development phase, monitoring, automatic detection and malfunction diagnosis services, and we also propose system optimisation solutions. Utilisation of digital instruments like the Building Information Model (BIM) allows us to develop solutions that make it possible to optimise the technical services involved in the construction of your building.
Research work focuses on:

  • identifying strategies and technologies for energy performance upgrading
  • developing technical-economic analysis methodologies for the refurbishment of real estate assets   
  • studying the energy performances of individual real estate items and entire real estate portfolios developing and proposing solutions for energy upgrading and redevelopment compatible with the existing building and the conservation of this building  
  • developing methods for measuring and verifying the thermo-hygrometrical performances of buildings and of their construction systems  
  • integrating BIM-based design processes

Highlighted projects