BIPV Facade Benchmarks

Various BIPV facade projects have been implemented in Switzerland in recent years. However, architects, façade makers and experts of the building sector often lack the basis for assessing the economic viability of such BIPV facades. Only few and not well defined empirical values are available. In addition, the increase in design and installation cost, directly related to the increase in risk, discourages investors and planners from realizing a PV facade.

The project BIPV Facade Benchmarks, which consolidated the partnership of SUPSI with Viriden+Partners and Schweizer, has set the following goals:

Cost comparison of BIPV facades
Create a cost comparison of BIPV facades in Switzerland by analyzing the cost of different BIPV buildings built in recent years and trying to define a significant learning curve.

Prototype for a high degree of prefabrication
Increase the prefabrication in the construction of the prototype for the façade of the Seewadelstrasse residential building in Affoltern am Albis and increase the prefabrication process off-site. The experiences and challenges of building a prototype over a predefined facade area will be recorded and documented.

Outlook for possible future savings
Combine the cost comparison of BIPV facades with the experience gained in the construction of the prototype to provide a possible perspective for future cost reduction.