Towards Solar Buildings in Ticino

Thanks to the bFAST project (a study of the solar potential of facades in Ticino which ended in 2018) it has been estimated that at Cantonal level, the total potential photovoltaic façade surfaces could make a significant contribution to the Cantonal Energy Plan.

The project Verso-EST, supported by the Ticino Cantonal Funding for Renewable Energies (FER), aims to develop an analysis at a different level, entering in detail the analysis of the BIPV façade systems, from a technological, performance, economic and monitoring point of view, exploiting also the reference to case studies and to a real and innovative pilot project in the Ticino landscape, the Multifunctional Center of Pregassona (CPP).

The project will allow to provide innovative results to demonstrate what added value is linked to the operation of BIPV innovative façade systems capable of integrating high architectural and construction quality. The results will be a cornerstone for demonstrating the technical, economic and energy feasibility of BIPV systems with the aim of raising awareness and informing designers and real actors towards market implementation.

Source: Città di Lugano