Sistemi energetici intelligenti

The team, part of the Energy systems sector, works on making and analysing intelligent energy systems.

The Intelligent energy systems team is established on experience accumulated in the context of Swiss pilot projects in the area focusing on the intelligent control of production, accumulation and decentralised consumption.

Due to the interdisciplinary expertise of its researchers, the team works on energy system optimisation, focussing on two areas: producing and improving simulation tools; developing intelligent control algorithms and predictive systems.

Another key activity is the analysis of energy systems operations, both as part of pilot projects, and in terms of industrial products.

Research work focuses on:
•    Decentralised systems of demand side management
•    Residential and industrial pilot projects
•    Energy system optimisation: sizing, orientation, localisation
•    Risk management and bankability of energy systems
•    Decentralised energy source simulation tools
•    Machine learning and data mining techniques applied to the energy sector