Unfolding next generation demand-side information models

Inducing clients to reduce their energy requirements is becoming an increasingly important objective for energy companies. One of the strategies that they can implement for this purpose is to improve the quality of the information they give to clients.

The IMPROVE project aims to analyse, at both the Swiss and European levels, the information that energy companies give to their final clients (domestic users) when they invoice them for their energy consumption – “demand-side information” (DSI). An early phase of the project envisages a best practices report of “DSI” in Switzerland and abroad. A number of particularly interesting final DSI proposals are then identified, and subsequently presented to the final clients (domestic users) by means of a survey designed to evaluate the general level of appreciation. Finally, the favourite proposals, according to the final user surveys, are then discussed with the energy companies, in order to evaluate the effective implementation potential, construct a roadmap for implementation, and identify further opportunities for future study.