The compass for finding your energy consumption bearings

The European H2020 enCOMPASS project develops a system based on a smartphone app that reads the energy consumption data of buildings, and offers personalised advice and suggestions on how to reduce these consumption levels without compromising home comfort.

The enCOMPASS app exploits the smart meter network already installed by some electricity companies, and also utilises the support of a series of sensors, specially installed in the buildings participating in the project, that record the presence of people in the rooms and automatically read the temperature and humidity levels. The recorded data is analysed (almost) in real time, in order to provide users with simple, understandable information, sent to their smartphones, about their consumption habits, and suggestions on how to reduce their consumption levels.
The effectiveness of the enCOMPASS system is tested in the field in Switzerland, Germany and Greece, involving households, school buildings and public edifices.