Advanced equipment

The SUPSI PVLab is fitted out with advanced equipment, not only in order to check the quality of photovoltaic modules in a controlled environment, but also in order to corroborate their performance under operating conditions, and to measure system performances in the field. 

The instruments available are summarised briefly here below:

  • Two AAA class Pasan Flashers for electrical characterisation with a +/-1.6% level of accuracy
  • Three continuous simulators, two with white light, one with UV light, for the characterisation, stabilisation and accelerated degradation of materials 
  • One 3 m3 climate chamber, for thermal cycling with (Humidity and Freeze) and without (Thermal cycling) humidity, and for thermal testing in a damp environment (damp heat).
  • One machine for mechanical cycling testing of up to 14,000 Pa of pressure, also on a sloping plane
  • One ice shooter machine for checking resistance to hailstones with diameters of up to 70mm, in compliance with Swiss and international standards
  • One machine for mechanical testing of strike, compression and cutting on materials or components such as junction boxes, connectors, laminates, etc.
  • A megohmetre for checking insulation in dry and wet environments  (wet leakage test)
  • Two IR videocameras for highlighting defects using the electroluminescence method and thermal mapping
  • Outdoor stand for checking energy performance, and for comparing with other technologies 
  • Weather and monitoring station, equipped with spectroradiometre, pyranometres, reference cells, for accurately recording the quality and quantity of solar radiation
  • Two curve-tracers for measuring string performances in the field
  • One device for measuring the performance ratio (PR) of the installationOne device for measuring the insulation, short circuit current and open circuit voltage, for checking the installation