Research projects

nExt geNeration pHotovoltaic performANCE

The project aims to apply SUPSI's experience and know-how to the novel enhancement in first and second generation technologies (including new high-efficiency c-Si, II-VI compounds and new module structures with higher energy yields or higher esthetical value) via exploring new procedures, stability issues, repeatability and measurement uncertainty, and via implementing new equipment or adapting existing test facilities; the goal is also to support Swiss leading research institutes and module manufacturers in their own approach to an expected growing market in next years. The activity will be at module level, both indoors and outdoors, thus enforcing both SUPSI's national and international role as an accredited testing laboratory in the field of photovoltaics.

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The proposed study aims to identify potential instruments for Switzerland to increase the quality of installed photovoltaic modules and to demonstrate the potential of a result oriented quality assurance (QA). The study will investigate the limits of today QA and assess the interest among Swiss PV stakeholders (e.g.EPC contractors, module distributors, module manufacturers, electric utilities, insurance companies, installers, etc.) into new QA measures or implementation programs. The feedback will be collected through interviews and surveys and results will be presented disseminated.

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PV Enerate

The aim of the project is to provide the metrological infrastructure, techniques and guidance to accelerate time-to-market for emerging photovoltaics (PV) technologies, which have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of photovoltaic energy. The project has two main objectives: Firstly, to improve the PV energy rating standards and secondly, to improve the measurement equipment and methodologies to enable precise measurements of the parameters required for the energy rating