Building system
The services provided by the Building System sector consist mainly of technical and scientific consulting for sustainable building design.

The Building system sector provides consulting services in the building energy area, focussing particularly on the aspects of maintaining and improving the value of real estate assets, energy efficiency, and developing innovative envelope systems.

The experience matured and the expertise acquired make it possible to conduct on-site inspections and diagnostic analyses in line with EPIQR+ and PETRA methodology. Assessments are conducted on the state of conservation, potential refurbishment measures, financial planning of the investments and scheduled maintenance management.

The sector also offers services for designers, supporting them in the process of sizing geothermic installations and finding the best solutions.

For further information regarding the activities and services related to the integration of photovoltaic systems into the envelope (BIPV), please refer to the Innovative envelope team (Photovoltaic systems).

The Minergie Certification Centre has been part of the TicinoEnergia Association since 2017. Please consult the association website for further information regarding the documentation required for Minergie certification in Canton Ticino, and for any other general or technical queries about Minergie standards.