EPIQR+ Analysis
EPIQR+ analysis (Energy Performance Indoor Environment Quality Retrofit) analyses the state of deterioration, energy condition and maintenance of an individual building or of a more extensive building development (public or private).

After the architectural plans and energy consumption records have been assembled, a survey is conducted, during which all the distinctive construction and installation elements are examined, without being in any way invasive. This method is implemented by utilising the related computer program that produces a “photograph” of the conservation state of the building and calculates its current thermal balance.
In addition to providing information about the elements that must be replaced, EPIQR+ makes it possible to estimate the relative refurbishment costs to a +/- 15% level of accuracy.

Based on this diagnosis, and with a view to establishing a scheduled maintenance programme, the interventions specified by one or more refurbishment scenarios take into consideration the resulting energy benefits by making a simplified calculation that evaluates each element of the thermal envelope individually. Having weighed up the various cost and savings parameters, suggestions are made regarding action to take on the thermal envelope elements that will produce the greatest benefits, and a new energy vector, renewable if possible, is recommended.

Forecasts regarding investments, energy consumption reduction, energy cost savings are then prepared. The analysis provides an overview of the feasible interventions under various investment scenarios, but that can lead to substantial financial savings in the future.