Energy consumption analysis and optimisation (energo)
SUPSI represents the Ticino antenna of the ergo association which is part of the SvizzeraEnergia programme, and now a leading energy efficiency competence centre in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, buildings account for approximately 40 per cent of energy consumption, and approximately one third of CO2 emissions. In addition to improving building envelope performance in order to reduce the energy requirements of the building, it is also important that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are controlled, optimised and selected appropriately. Energo makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption and costs for buildings and groups of buildings in a lasting manner.
Energo activities are based on:

  • the development and utilisation of modern instruments such as online software and tools for recording and managing energy data in an innovative manner
  • software utilisation training programmes for professional operators and members of your technical service
  • comprehensive evaluations of the energy consumption and consumption trends of buildings
  • preliminary consulting regarding efficiency-raising potential and other measures

Depending on the planned savings objectives, energo offers three types of interventions: BASIC, ADVANCED, PREMIUM.


Training courses are also conducted, focussing on building technology for managers and specialist operators.

An energy consumption analysis is completed by drawing up a certificate, with energy label for the building.