All the PV integration services

The services offered by the Innovative envelope team mainly involve technical and scientific consulting focussed on building integrated photovoltaic elements. The areas of expertise therefore cover not only photovoltaic/energy aspects, but also those that are more architectural in nature.  

The team’s objective is to facilitate the utilisation of integrated photovoltaic systems, while at the same time avoiding any indiscriminate use; technical and scientific consulting services are provided, aimed at organisations and companies, both private and public.  

In particular, the services offered involve:

  • Development of innovative new solutions for the building envelope  
  • Transmittance analyses of construction packages. Analyses of the solar factor (g-value) and of the daylighting of transparent systems
  • Feasibility studies for building integrated solar systems  
  • Simulation and evaluation of the performances of BIPV integrated photovoltaic installations. Evaluation of the solar potential at both the building and urban levels
  • laboratory and external tests on components and systems of the building and BiPV systems
  • Energy simulations: dynamic simulation of photovoltaic systems, analysis of photovoltaic components integrated into or added to a building  
  • On-site monitoring of photovoltaic systems
  • Information and continuing education programmes for architects, professional operators and students