InfraWatt competence centre

The Swiss InfraWatt association was established on 19 January 2010 in order to bring together renewable energy producers and provide them with support.

Public opinion is not yet aware of the fact that water purification and waste disposal installations, and also drinking water providers, currently produce a good 80% of what is known as “renewable energy” in Switzerland. This production level can be doubled in the future: during the Constitutive Assembly, the VSA, VBSA, SVGW trade unions, the Swiss Teleheating Association (VFS) and representatives from the economic sphere and from the electricity sector met together at a new event called InfraWatt. The aim is to transform into “green” energy the enormous potential still offered by residual heat sources and teleheating, inform public opinion and strengthen their political influence. The association also includes a number of political representatives, so as to advance the formulation of framework measures for developing energy projects, but also in order to represent the needs of this sector.

For Southern Switzerland the competence centre role is conducted by the Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment.