Research projects and services
As suggested by its name, the terms “systems” and “applied” emphasize the applicative nature of the research activities conducted by the Institute, aimed at supporting the innovation in companies through the development of new products and methodologies, the improvement of productive process, as well as the trasnfer of know-how.

The applied research, to which the Institute dedicates a annual budget of 4 mio CHF, takes shape in projects funded by the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse), european research programs or bodies, private foundations or direct mandates by the companies. The strong point of these activities has always been the close collaborations with the industries of the territory, which resulted in several projects with positive impact on the industrial and academic field.

ISEA researchers provide a pluriannual and proven experience in projects focused on the development of products in the industrial and medical fields, applying for example their skills in the areas of analog or digital eletronics, telecommunications and high frequency, regulation and control, microelectronics and microengineering.

Furthermore, ISEA proposes to its partners the possibility to benefit from the expertise in assembling competitive projects financed by the Swiss Innovation agency Innosuisse and by European research programs or bodies, as wells as in preparing the request for financial support provided by the Cantone Ticino (Law for economic innovation).

The skills and the laboratories available at the Institute also make it possible to offer various services and the transfer of innovative technologies to the industrial sector.