The Institute offers the skills developed internally in the form of services to companies and public and private bodies. Particularly, ISEA provides and puts on the market the following products in relation to the REACT Kit.


Image Kit REACT
The REACT kit is composed of a PC on which various REACT software applications can be installed, generally used by people with disabilities for educational, creative, recreational, professional and communication activities.
To be able to access applications more easily (taking into consideration the specific disability of each student) wireless keys have been created to a single interface (USBkey) able to collect the various stimuli and take them directly to the PC through a USB wiring.
Using keys allow to the user to realize a given input based to the currently doing activity, for example move right/left an object on the screen or select a letter of the alphabet. This way of working reflects for some students with severe disabilities (who cannot speak, write or communicate with gestures) is the unique possibility to interact with a computer and therefore with the classmates.
The PC is thus able to process the information requested by the user through specific REACT software applications, ie to activate games as well as to manage home appliances or multimedia devices.

Hardware REACT

Image Hardware REACT

USBKey, USBKeyPro and REACT buttons

The REACT electronic platform, composed by USB Key and radio buttons, allows the complete computer access.



Peripheries ADIO and DIGIO allow to extend computer features, interacting with the outside environment, and to control complex electric devices, toys, etc.

REACT hardware are sold by MEET Electronics Sagl

REACT application



ADIOScan is a device that allows to design interactive documents, accessible with different interaction possibilities (scanning, direct with mouse) and with different result possibilities (visive and acoustic feedback).

Link to purchase: ADIOScan and ADIOScan Player



AccessX device, thanks to its high configurability, allows the access to computer applications without limiting its use even in presence of serious motor disabilities.

Link to purchase: AccessX



Ani…Paint is a multimedia program for transposing the activity of creating stories to computer by drawing, placing the user in the center of attention.

Link to purchase: Ani...Paint

BlocksLab is a multimedia program allowing the design of didactic programs in a simplified way through a graphic interface for communication and game activities, especially in the field of activities of special education.

Predictor & Predictor Plus 

Predictor allows the writing with text prediction, collecting words usage personal statistics. The Plus version includes the option of saving communication texts for writing practices.

Further information

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