Cloud Native Applications and Services

Head: Massimo Coluzzi

The Cloud Native Applications and Services Research Area (CNAS-RA) originates from a long experience in design and development of complex distributed application that in recent years has moved from a monolithic approach to a microservices architecture. This translates into modular applications that accelerate application design, development, and lifecycle management. These applications are container-based, orchestrated, and automatically deployed into production in the cloud.
Cloud native applications exhibit many of the attributes of applications deployed in cloud-based infrastructures, such as elastic scalability and high availability.

The primary goal of the CNAS-RA is to position ISIN in the excellence of native cloud application development, providing complete solutions to regional research partners to build modern, scalable and stable software in the cloud. The aim is to become the reference point for all the technologies involved in the development of cloud native applications: containers (docker), container orchestration (kubernetes), microservices, event-driven and serverless architectures, infrastructure as a code, DevOps and public or private Cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Google, Openstack).


  • Containers and container orchestration
  • Cloud computing
  • Software architecture
  • DevOps
  • NoSQL

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