Distributed System and Ledger Technologies

Head: Amos Brocco

The foundations of large-scale applications over the web lie on dependable and efficient data processing and storage back-ends. The research area on Distributed System and Ledger Technologies (DSLT) focuses on dependable, scalable and maintainable architectures supporting processing, querying and sharing of data. Committing on the knowledge and expertise of its members, the DSLT research area designs and implements innovative solutions to answer the ever growing needs of the digital society, namely by addressing the problem of processing, storing, and replicating information. In this regard, the objective is twofold: on the one hand, it aims at developing architectures for decentralized applications and distributed ledgers as a way to make data and services reliable and verifiable; on the other hand, it seeks to strengthen the position of SUPSI as a trusted research partner, both for the integration and optimisation of existing solutions, and concerning the development of novel distributed data management architectures for decentralized applications.


  • Blockchain and distributed ledger techologies
  • Distributed data management
  • Distributed storage and processing

Recent related research projects:

  • 32761.1 IP-ICT, Medigest, Automazione scrittura di smart-contract Ethereum per derivati OTC, 2019-2021
  • 30236.1 IP-ICT, Euronovate, TAP-ID Trusted Adaptive Portable Digital Identification, 2018-2020
  • 26367.1 PFES-ES, BananaSync, BananaSync - Distributed Accounting Platform, 2017-2019