Educational technologies and open data

Head: Lorenzo Sommaruga

This area combines two specific research directions: ICT use in education and Linked Open Data. A long experience has been acquired in both fields through several applied research projects supported by Swiss foundations, federal and European funding. A peculiar character of our approach is the application of ICT technologies in real settings and the provision of support and guidelines to stakeholders in the use of technologies through know-how transfer: for instance, in the educational field we support teachers and trainers in the use of ICT in their didactical activities, in the Linked Open Data field we provide training and best practices to PA on the use of LOD technologies to add value to their data.

Specialty units:

  • Educational Technologies
  • Linked Open Data

Educational Technologies

Contact Person: Riccardo Mazza

The Educational Technologies area is focused on the use of ICT in the higher and vocational education. ICT is taking a primary role in today’s education: Learning Management Systems, Multimedia interactive content (in particular: video), mobile learning, digital assessment, digital simulations, augmented and virtual reality education are only few examples that complement, enrich, and transform education for the better. This area investigates on the latest developments of Educational technologies, apply them in real-case contexts, and research on how they can be employed to improve the quality of educational activities.


  • Learning Management Systems (in particular: Moodle)
  • Tools for interactive content and interactive video
  • Social Media for Education
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Learning analytics

Relevant research projects:

  • Greenlogistics (2017 – 2019), “GreenLogMNG”, funded by EU-Erasmus+
  • StepUp2ICT (2017 -2019), “Stepping Up to Technology in Adult Education towards Awareness, Assessment and Access”, funded by EU-Erasmus+
  • Sprinter (2017 – 2019), “Training for light commercial vehicles drivers”, funded by EU-Erasmus+
  • ADR (2017-2019), “E-Learning and Web Applications FOR ADR” funded by EU-Erasmus+
  • REDCYBERSG (2018-2020), “REDucing the CYBERsecurity Management Skills Gap in SMEs”, funded by EU-Erasmus+
  • iCOINS (2018 – 2020), “Industry 4.0 competences for SMEs - Awareness raising tools”, funded by EU-Erasmus+
  • Swiss MOOC Service (2018 – 2020), funded by Swissuniversities
  • LifeLike (2016-2018),  “Behavioural Simulator for Professional Training based on Natural Language Interaction”, funded by CTI
  • Fare Form@zione (2016 – 2017),  “I contesti formali e informali dell'apprendimento in SUPSI”, Funded by SUPSI

Linked Open Data

Contact Person: Lorenzo Sommaruga

This area focuses on the use of Open and Linked Data Technologies to enhance the “value” of data. Several organizations and public institutions have a large number of data that can be of economic and social value to society as a whole. However, data are often created and kept isolated, they are available in a variety of formats and from heterogeneous sources. The data value considerably increases if data are integrated and their connections made explicit. The Linked Open Data technologies provide standard mechanisms to publish and merge data.


  • Semantic web and linked data technologies
  • Data modeling through ontologies
  • Open Data licensing

Relevant research projects:

  • GIOCOnDA (2019 - 2021), “Gestione integrata e olistica del ciclo di vita degli open data”, funded by Interreg V-A