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Voxxed Days Ticino 2023
20 January 2023
Palazzo dei Congressi di Lugano
On Friday 20 January 2023, the event "Voxxeddays Ticino 2023", organised by the Institute of Information Systems and Networking (ISIN) in cooperation with ATED-ICT Ticino, will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano.


Voxxed Days Ticino

is a conference focused on IT development that brings together professionals and researchers active in the ICT sector.

Hosted at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, Voxxed Days Ticino features a programme full of presentations by national and international speakers.

Main topics


  • A postgres-compatible DB on Kubernetes: YugabyteDB by Franck Pachot (Conference)
  • Let's talk about transpilers by Federico Tomassetti (Conference)
  • PostgreSQL, The Time-Series Database You Want by Chris Engelbert (Conference)
  • Pushing documentation (so it doesn't hurt anymore) by Markus Schlichting (Conference)
  • The Java Cloud-Native Stack for Microservices and Serverless Architecture by Markus Kett (Conference)

Build & Deploy

  • (N+1) Lezioni che ho imparato sul serverless by Piero Bozzolo (Byte Size)
  • A journey to MySQL in K8s by Elisa Usai (Conference)
  • How to Empower your DevOps Initiatives with a PlatformOps Approach by Diego Braga (Conference)
  • SRE, what is it all about?! by Luca Simone (Byte Size)

Data & AI

  • The Data Lakehouse: A tech talk for everyone who loves data by Frank Munz (Conference)

Development Practices

  • How can you even dream of an agile process if you don't fix the deal with the customer? by Jacopo Romei (Conference)
  • Parallel frontend test execution using Selenium and Docker by Elias Nogueira (Conference)


  • Supercharge your Native Image applications by Alina Yurenko (Conference)
  • Game of Loom: implementation patterns and performance implications playing with virtual threads by Mario Fusco (Conference)

Mind the Geek

  • Wasmer Things: An Upside-Down Guide to WebAssembly by Edoardo Vacchi (Conference)

People & Culture

  • Connascence: beyond Coupling and cohesion by Marco Consolaro (Conference)
  • Decision-making for Software Development Teams by Francesco Strazzullo (Keynote)


  • OPA for the cloud natives by Philipp Krenn (Conference)

Server Side Java

  • Caching patterns for lazy devs for lazy loading by Luigi Fugaro (Conference)
  • Lean Spring Boot Applications for The Cloud by Patrick Baumgartner (Conference)


  • Lean UX discovery e user research: definire e avviare progetti senza sprechi by Alessandro Violini (Byte Size)
  • State of Angular by Simona Cotin (Conference)

Information and registration

Tickets can be purchased at the following address: click here.
SUPSI students and collaborators can benefit from discounted tickets.