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10 years of TEENformatiCAMP at DTI
30 August 2022
Between July and August, the Department of Innovative Technologies hosted the tenth edition of TEENformatiCAMP, an initiative organised by the ISIN Institute to introduce teenagers to the world of IT.

Fifty young girls and boys took part this year in the double initiative of TEENformatiCAMP, the summer camp dedicated to young computer enthusiasts that has been organised over the last 10 years by the Institute of Information Systems and Networking (ISIN) of the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI).

«Our aim is to show the different areas of computer science in order to bring the participants closer to the "behind the scenes" of the devices and software they use on a daily basis,» says Sandra Bernaschina, Lecturer-Researcher at ISIN and head of the initiative. «In addition to the technical part, however, we also aim to raise awareness of the use of technology. The new generations have an increasingly symbiotic relationship with devices of various kinds, which is why it is important for them to be educated on how to use them consciously».

During the two weeks (4-8 July and 22-26 August), various topics such as security, computer operation, web, graphics, programming, robotics and hardware were addressed.

«A strength of TEENformatiCAMP is definitely the direct contact with ISIN researchers,» adds Amos Brocco, ISIN Senior Lecturer-Researcher and co-chair. «Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, participants can experience life as a software engineer, visit our laboratories and learn about the projects that are developed day day after day in the many fields of competence of our Institute».

For more information, visit the TEENformatiCAMP website and read the daily journal written by the participants (in Italian).